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140 Years of Evangelical Episcopal Witness
Christian Values Bible
That Made Our
Nation Great
In these uncertain times - amidst changing values, moral decline, spiritual questioning and the advance of secular humanism - it's good to know that there is a Christian Church that still offers a timely message to the uncertainty of our time. This alternative is consistent with God's Holy Word. It focuses worship on Almighty God and not on man. It is an alternative which is rich in biblical preaching and consistent with the English Protestant Reformation as expressed by our American Forefathers.
For 140 years, the Reformed Episcopal Church has remained faithful to the inerrant Word of God, powerfully proclaiming the unchanging Gospel of Jesus Christ and worshipping Him in Spirit and in Truth using the biblical and time-honored Book of Common Prayer.

Bishop Royal U Grote, Jr - Elected Presiding Bishop

The Bishops Assembled at the 54th General Council of the Reformed Episcopal Church
The Most Rev. Royal U. Grote, Jr. - seated on left
The Most Rev. Leonard W. Riches - seated on right

The 54th General Council unanimously elected the Rt. Rev. Royal U. Grote, Jr. to serve as the Presiding Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church. On Friday, June 13th, the retiring Presiding Bishop, the Most Rev. Leonard W. Riches, installed Bishop Grote as the Presiding Bishop. Bishop Grote will officially assume the responsibilities of Presiding Bishop on July 1st. The Council also elected the Rt. Rev. Ray R. Sutton to serve as the Vice-President.

Anglican Way Institute

Church of the Holy Communion in Dallas, TX will be hosting the annual Anglican Way Institute Conference on July 16-20, 2014. The Anglican Way Institute this year takes for its theme, the Inklings, that extraordinary group of English Christian writers and poets of the last century. Some of the most famous among them were J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Dorothy Sayers, and Charles Williams. They called themselves the Inklings, as in ink, a group of authors. The designation, however, goes beyond the literary. We are blessed to have Dr. Peter Kreeft coming as our keynote speaker. He is an expert on this topic and will deliver 5 talks on: C.S. Lewis (2 talks Till We Have Faces), J.R.R. Tolkien (The Silmarillion), Charles Williams (Descent Into Hell), and Dorothy Sayers (Creed or Chaos).

You may download/view the Anglican Way Brochure by Clicking Here. You may also find more information by Visiting the AWI Website

Administrative Office

The General Council offices of the Reformed Episcopal Church will be closed during the week of June 22nd to June 29th. This includes the General Council office, the Episcopal Recorder office, the Board of Pensions and Relief, and the Presiding Bishop's office in Texas.


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